SWISSA was created to fill the lack of communication channels between the business community of Switzerland and Albania. Therefore, the Founding Members, noting the great potential for economic relations between our two countries and the difficulty of exchanging information and identifying business partners, decided to establish SWISSA as an organization that has long been missing in Albania for companies of both our countries. We are contacting other chambers in Switzerland to become part of their network, like in Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, and Basel, this is one of the main goals of this year.


The “Swissness” concept represents SWISSA core beliefs about how to conduct activities and it is the foundation of every decision-making process. SWISSA is committed to delivering high-quality services and building trust through the promotion of Swiss values, know-how and knowledge. “Switzerland is well-known for the traditional Swiss values of democracy, punctuality, efficiency, first class service and precision. Swissness represents, above all, the concepts of naturalness, multiculturalness, fairness, neutrality and the reliability”


As part of SWISSA compliance culture, we have adopted the “Code of Integrity”. This code sets out the principles and behavior that all SWISSA members and employees must follow, in order to build and maintain an ethical culture and demonstrate integrity in all of our activities, as well as compliance with laws, rules and regulations.