SICPA (an acronym for the former name Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Produits Alimentaires, no longer in use) is a Swiss company that is the worldwide leader of security inks for currencies and sensitive documents, including identity documents, passports, transport and lottery tickets. According to the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau’s International Anti-Counterfeiting Directory, SICPA provides more than 85% of the world’s currency inks. The company is also involved in the market for secure traceability of products subject to excise duties, such as alcohol and tobacco stamps, and regulated products, such as halal products.

A highly secretive company, SICPA employs roughly 3,000 employees and has offices and manufacturing sites in 30 countries worldwide.

Information provided from Wikipedia.

FOUNDED: 16 July 1927

HEADQUARTERS: Prilly, Switzerland

REVENUE: 1.5 billion Francs